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About BF Maintenance

BF MAINTENANCE Plumbing Services was founded by Bothwell Tafirenyika with the goal of restoring faith in the plumbing industry of South
Africa once again. With 7 years experience running a highly successful plumbing company in Cape Town, he felt the time was right to take on a
bigger challenge, attempting to make a greater impact, and really live out his passion for the plumbing industry. His goal is to be known as the
unquestioned leader in customer service, within the plumbing industry of South Africa.

Our Services


Solar Geysers Installation & Repairs


Leaking Toilets


Maintenance Plumbing


Electric Geysers Installation & Repairs


Repair of Leaking & Burst Pipes


Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations

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Electric Geysers

Does your hot water appear to be brown when it comes out the tap, or does your geyser not heat up correctly? Chances are that your geyser or a component is damaged. Don’t worry we can help. BF Maintenance has many years of experience in the repair and installation of geysers. Our professional team of plumbers and electricians can assist you with every part of the process from general maintenance to fitting a brand new geyser to your property.

We install an excess of 4000 electric geysers annually across the Cape Peninsula and replace thousands of parts such as, valves and thermostats as well, so we are more than qualified to assist you.

Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations

Are you considering to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Do you need a reliable plumber to install all your plumbing requirements such as sinks, baths, showers etc? Look no further, BF Maintenance is cost effective, reliable and trust worthy.

Many people don’t realise that the kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms to build in a house, not just because of the fittings and finishes that are used, but also due to the costs involved in providing for water and the waste that goes with it. It is therefore vital to ensure that you make use of qualified plumbers with a good reputation such as BF Maintenance.

Solar Geysers

With the dramatic increase in the cost of electricity in the last couple of years, consumers have to start investing in green energy solutions if they don’t want to end up paying an arm and a leg to have hot water. As one of the alternate solutions, solar geysers can offer you a dramatic reduction in your monthly electricity bill. Most people don’t realize that an electric geyser draws an incredible amount of power daily.

In some cases using solar energy can save you up to 30% of your monthly electricity bill. By calculating the savings you will enjoy by making use of solar energy you can pay the solar geyser off in as little as 2-3 years after installation.

Maintenance Plumbing

Plumbing does not last forever! After a couple of years of use, washers tend to break, leaks seem to appear out of thin air and toilets just don’t seem to work as well as they used to. It’s time for you to do some maintenance on your plumbing.

Maintenance plumbing involves
Replacing toilet cisterns and flushing mechanism
Wax seal toilet
Replacing cartridges in mixer taps, showers
Replacing flex hose
Replacing washers
Pipe repair
Adding new internal external taps
Replacing washing machine and dishwasher points
Fix it before it becomes a problem!
Getting a professional plumber to fix those irritating plumbing problems, and maintain your sanitary ware is much cheaper than experiencing a full-fledged disaster when water starts gushing out of a broken tap, and ruins those expensive carpets that you have in your living room.

To keep your plumbing in tip-top shape, give BF Maintenance a call today!

Burst/leaking pipes

Do you hear things go drip in the night? Is there water coming out of your tap, even after you have switched it off, or does your water bill seem too high for the amount of water you are consuming? You could be experiencing a leaking or burst pipe.

What are the consequences of not fixing that pipe?

Not fixing a leaking pipe can cause a multitude of problems which will end up costing a lot of money if left unattended. At first leaks may seem minor but left unattended they could cause massive water bills and extensive water damage to tiles, floors, cupboards, ceilings, walls carpets and costly furniture and audio/video equipment.

Leaking pipes also cause

Water loss
Damage to property
Concealed or unconcealed leaks

Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (COC)

The law requires that when a property is sold, an inspection of the house’s plumbing must be done to make sure that it conforms to the National Building Regulations. BF Maintenance can do the inspection and issue a Certificate of Compliance if your plumbing is up to code.

When doing the Certificate of Compliance inspection the plumber checks:

That there are no leaks on the property
That the storm water drainage is sufficient and is not connected to the sewage system
That the house’s water meter functions properly
That the geyser installation is according to SANS 10254 standard
That the general plumbing conforms to code.
Call us for your Certificate of Compliance

With many years of experience we are more than qualified to thoroughly inspect your property.

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